The big upside of working in the countryside, beautiful surroundings!


The big downside of working on the countryside, unwonted guests…


A commercial I color graded

Produced by Phosworks

Redrock micro remote focus control

I received my remote focus before this weekend and had a chance to use it on my trip to Gotland. Must say I’m really pleased. I did get the thumb wheel as well and used that this weekend on my DJI Ronin. It took some time to place all the cables and get everything nice organist. After that it took some playing around before I felt calm to use it as a one man crew and it really makes magic to the film. It is assume that you can calibrate the lenses manually, so let’s say you will just shoot between 1-2meter you can set it up that way so you will have a bigger movement on the wheel to be more acurate. The only downside I see is the cables. It feels like they will break sooner or later and you can just buy the cables from redrock. And paying around 100 dollars for a cable is never fun….

Simple animation

Did some simple animations to NetSize some time ago and just stumble on there homepage and did see they use them. The Agency, UpThereEveryWhere, got some great talents and beautiful people to work with.

New theme for the blog is up, Yhiaaa!!!



First preview of Julkalendern that me and Björn have been tearing our beards of to get a nice color grade and helping out with some VFX


Gotland film weekend

Had a weekend with my bearded director Robert filming with the Ronin. Most say that two days of nonstop filming with a gimbal makes your shoulders ache 🙂 also tried out the Atomos blade which was really nice!