Not bad for a 10 week baby!

Flying around when dad is trying to work…

Ledgo dual 600

Recently bought some new led lights. A kit with two led lights from Datavision with both warm and cold light. They have VLock mount on the back. The lights are a little bit plastic, but you get what you pay for. I used them earlier this week with VLock batteries on an interview and I must say I am fairly impressed with how well they performed.

Photo from today when we tested them on the ice. Retouched by my friend Björn.

UPSIDE with Ledgo 600

+ nice price

+ VLock plate on the back

+ cold and warm light

+ good lux, 4720 on 1 meter.

+ nice filter set and nice way to attach them

+ barn doors


– a little bit plastic

– the bag that you store the light in feels like it is going to break.

– there is one wheel for 3200 and one for 5600. Makes it hard to find a color in between.

– the hole bag packed is a little bit big and clumsy.



Cool Workflow

Im helping People in the Park with there latest project, Go With Me. A filmed that is being recorded in Canada but all the post is happening here in Kilafors, Sweden. I did a simplified the workflow above… Pretty dame cool if you ask me 🙂 Worldwide film workflow!


On my way back from south Sweden. Been filming for a maintenance and service company. Bought a car for a couple of weeks ago and have soon been driving 10000 km… A lot of filming in different location.

Creative music video grading

Just started working on two new music videos filmed in all kinds of light and environments… challenging 😉

Taxi commercial

I filmed about a week ago. Filmed with the GH4 and the last shoot with the DJI Ronin

Car pimping

Starting to get to much equipment so I have bought myself a mini bus and now it is pimping time!


Todays filming

That's me behind the mask. Full day with my best friend DJI ronin.


A story from my childhood

When I was between 4-7 years old I spent a lot of time with my grandma and her best friend, Nancy. Nancy was and still is a special person. She grew up on a traveling Cirkus and her father was a sword-swallower and her mom a animal trainer. She tooled the most amazing stories and boosted me to performe in front of people. A couple of month ago I thought it was time to write down her stories and make a children film drama of it. This is the start of an amazing story: Circus Svea


Some flying I did this summer

with the Phantom 2, h3-3d gimbal and GoPro 3.

Second day with Julkalendern

We finished working on it for about 10 days ago and now it is on TV both morning and night. I wonder when there will be some standard for colours from a TV, to make it easier for us who work with color correction…. 🙂