next steps in my Jay-Pop video

Been working a couple of days on the post on this Japanese artist who is about to be launched. It’s hard to not be so strict in style, with that I mean I think we here in Sweden has a special way of looking at design, it should be minimalistic and not take up to much space. But after surfing around and trying to see as much J-Pop and K-pop as possible I really have to bend my will all the time not to be to “lagom” (Swedish word for not to much).

Working on some titles

Have been handling the VFX and opening/ening credits in the movie “Miraklet i Viskan”. It will have¬†theatrical release April the 17th.

Weekend grading

Love working on the weekends, no telephone or mail that disturb you ones you are in the “void”. Working on material filmed on the c300. Im not to impressed by the capacity to work with the material here in the grade. It also looks like the C300 have a hard time handling the highlights. But apart from the camera its a great material to work with!

working on a documentary

I fled my ordinary working place and is now in the kitchen of my parents place together with my favorit dog ūüėČ I always find it hard to work on a script in my ordinary working place, tends to end up doing the wrong things. Works best for me sitting somewhere else, away from phones… right now i am¬†definitely not doing the right stuff ūüėČ Back to work you sneaky bastard…


Wasn’t long ago I started to watch some anime (have to say i’m pretty hooked on some of the series by now) and today I hade the chance to record a music video for a Jay Pop artist here in Sweden. I will produce two music videos for hitfire production! The aim is the launch this artist in Japan.






Adobe Premiere

I have to say i¬īm pretty impressed by the way Premiere handle things on the timeline. Sure motion and different moving of objects dosent look sharp but alot of screen modes on much material and it still plays it in real time. Right now Premiere is my number one choice over Avid and FCP.

Todays work has been a pitch together with Up!

Filming at a big “playground”

Been filming for Skanska and Videa today at one of there big working spaces in Stockholm. Also tried out the iphone 6 slowmo in 240 fps… why carry around all the stuff when you have that camera ūüėČ

240 fps with the iPhone from sixon on Vimeo.

Some creative photo shoot…

… on saturday night together with family. Promis to help a friend take a picture for his upcoming book (the tropicana one). After that we tried out the leg power of my kid… strong gens!


Thanks for two interesting days

Filmed with the Ronin during two days and learn a lot about rheumatism. Really impressed by some of the people who get the disease but still have the willpower to keep on living a good life!

2 (2)

Film Agency: Alex & Martin

Two days of fun work

Been having Daniel Alfredson (Director) and Rick Dugdale (Producer) up here in Lilltjära with the guys I work with at People in the park  We are working on there new film Go With Me

Pretty intensive¬†days but great fun. People in the Park and H√•kan Karlsson, as a post producer, has the full responsibility for all the post work on the film and i’m handling the VFX part. So these last days has been work with opening credits, title, some VFX shoots and some pre-grading.

Music video with Fireborn

Helped out to film a music video together with Mattias Björkbacka, Magnus Ewald and Tobias Björkbacka. Here are some behind the scenes shoot and a quick comp. of the scene.

IMG_8494 IMG_8462 IMG_8352 IMG_8271 IMG_8223