A different recording

Did a small online commercial for an author today and his new book. Haven’t read the book yet but it’s about seven different events during ww2 that most people don’t know about.

Hello Pollo

Commercial were the sky is the limit is a lovely thing to create!  Yesterday was a full days shooting in great sunshine. This summer a new clothes brand “Hello Pollo” is kicking of and yesterday I created some of the first material for them! Check back in a week or so to see the outcome of the commercial!







One week

Realised I haven’t been writing anything for a week! But it´s been an other busy week, filming a commercial, been down filming on my documentary about kids with diabetes in Stockholm and a lot of post and grading in between!

In a couple of hours it is time for a commercial recording for Happy Pollo, a new clothes brand!

Picture above from Björn Liljegrääs!

Building smoke

Today Mattias björkbacka is up at people in the park adding some fire and smoke to “go with me”.

First two recording days of the info-documentry

Got back from two filming day with two families that got kids with Diabetes 1. I haven´t understand the hard work it is to live with Diabetes and I really feel this is an important topic to spread some more light on! Been working on the script for a couple of months so it feels good to be starting filming it!



Fridays recording

Found some interesting things deep hidden in Uppsala Universitys archives…

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Todays recording

Had an other fun recording day with Robert and the guys from Phosworks. Keep on building on my gimbal-rig. Feels like you buy a new thing and you find two more things you need to buy 😉

VFX for Go With Me

I haven’t thought so much about it, it started with some cars that should be removed, some mussel flares and some snow removal. But it’s getting more and more every day, it is about 50 different shoots at this stage that need some fixing. An old car added, a stabilization, opening credits and so on. But I have to say, it is great fun and I learn a lot every day!

Check out some facts about the films here. It is going to be a great movie!

One long day in front of the computer