Edit together

a couple of short commercials for Pantamera and Paperjam. See more here

A series of filmes for Instagram

Made for Hello Pollo. Here is the first one!

Did this two videos

for about a year ago. But forgot to post them here!

SPEED DIAL FINAL VERSION from sixon on Vimeo.

5 days in post

It is not so often I get the chance to sit still and work for a full week on just post work. But last week I had a full week grading, editing, some simple motion design and working on a script. You get so much done just being on one place. Really nice 🙂


These last couple of days have been really stressful. So I haven´t had the time to write about some news (it´s not news any more) from last week in IBC.

First of I been to IBC like five or six times know and I absolutely love it. So many nerds at one place at the same time (including me) is lovely! This year was a little bit less news, because there was a lot of news at NAB so it is hard for the companies to come up with more new stuff. But here are some of the things I really enjoyed!


URSA Mini 4.6
The day it was realised on NAB I ordered it but there is still no sign of it leaving Blackmagics factories. I talked with them but there was no clear message when the camera will be out for us to work with. But I did have a chance to have a look at it and one thing that has been bothering me from the start is the Screen that cant be flipped around. This is probably no biggy for most people but for me it was because I do a lot of Gimbal work and I would like to easy access all the menus. I do believe that the quick buttons will probably do enough for me, like ISO, White balance and so on. But as soon you would like to step over to high speed or anything else you are probably in trouble… But it really seems like an assume camera and im looking forward to have a look at it

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Finished this short documentary

about kids living with Diabetes and a new app design to make life easier.

Zeiss CP2

Had the chance to film with the zeiss CP2 kit during three days last week, must say I really liked them. I know some people arn’t that impressed with these Primes but from my point of view I liked them a lot! Here is some stills

SHOGUN_S011_S001_T006.MOV.06_56_19_00.Still001 SHOGUN_S011_S001_T007.MOV.07_03_59_08.Still001 SHOGUN_S011_S001_T012.MOV.07_14_27_08.Still001 SHOGUN_S011_S001_T020.MOV.07_33_37_11.Still001 SHOGUN_S011_S001_T022.MOV.07_39_43_21.Still001

Helped out flying and filming this film

Had the chance to play around a couple of hours with my Inspire and the 50mm Rokinon.

Testing out Resolve 12 with this awesome guy!

I must say Blackmagic has done some great work on the editing part of Resolve, now it actually feels like I could use it as an editing software and not just an conform/grading/DIT program. I will do some more tests and get back with a more detailed feedback on Resolve 12.

Bought some new lenses

Did get a hold of the Rokinon series, will be good fun to give them a try on the next recording.

Some pics from todays recording

Been working on the next fas of the documentary about kids with Diabetes. IMG_4398