Some pics from this weeks recording in England

Been filming now with Ursa mini 4.6 for the second shoot, and must say I’m so far pleased with the result. I got the extension arms from cinnemill for the Ronin so now I run the Ursa with Vlock and it works like a charm!

Here is some pics from the URSA


Some extra behind the scenes shoot

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Did my first shoot with the URSA Mini 4.6

Did my first shoot with the URSA yesterday and most say i am really pleased with the result! Looks great and it worked pretty good on my Ronin with the jockey.



Weekend recording in Stockholm

Been filming two days in Stockholm for different assignments. Had the chance to try out the Ursa a little bit, but didnt use it as the main camera. Here is two stills from the URSA

grading (1 of 1)

Svalbard – a awesome place

Got home after a travel to Svalbard with Aron Anderson. One of the coolest places I been to so far. If you are not afraid of cold wether I really recommend this place!


After one year of waiting

I finally got my URSA 4.6K camera. Will get back with some review about the camera.

Grading horses

Today has mostly been about cursing Sony material edit in Premiere and transfered to Resolve. Always big issue to get everything to link back in the conform. But once that was over its been nice material to work with in Resolve!

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 00.31.12

Some hard work in Monaco

Got home from Monaco yesterday after a recording. It is a strange place Monaco, almost feels unreal 😉