Started grading “Feel the beat” this week

A Dance movie who hopefully will be out in the cinemas until next year 🙂

A couple of days in Zurich

Been over filming in Zurich for Tecan a couple of days. Tecan is a life Science company that both manufacture instrument and do research. Great fun and the first time I had the chance to use my brand new Movi Pro. It worked like a charm 🙂

IMG_1167 IMG_1177 IMG_1161

Agency: Up There Every Where

Opening credits for ALEX

Was down in Gothenburg filming for the opening credits. We are also in full process of finishing VFX shoot for the TV-Series. ALEX will be aired on Viasat sometime during the end of this year or the start of 2018. Great fun!

Production company: SF Studios

VFX shoot in Slovenia

Me and Mattias had the great fun to go down and help out with some VFX shoot in Slovenia for the Intrigo film. Really nice to be on the big set and see the work they do down there.






Production Company: Enderby Entertainment
Director: Daniel Alfredsson