Drones, drones and drones

Posted on November 18, 2014

The way we make film change everyday and arial photos has done a fast leap since the drones and the gimbal hit the market.

I bought my first camera drone for about 1,5 year ago. A DJI F550 with a 2 axis gimbal, flying with a GoPro 3. But a lot of the time was spent charging batteries, solder circuit boards and error searching. This was nice because you learned the basic of aerodynamics but my biggest interest was getting that shoot you couldn’t take just a couple of years ago. So I then bought the DJI Phantom 2 with the h3-d3 gimbal and together with the GoPro 4 you have a pretty cool setup that works on many occasions. I think I have done about 200-300 flights with it by know and it really is worth every penny.


When my smal equipment isn’t enough I work with Janne at SFE.se. Awesome guy that builds and fly all kind of drones and cameras including the RED Epic Dragon. Then we have dubble command so I control the camera and he controls the drone. Jannes life is drones, his car is filled up with batteries that he charge all the time, and his bigger drones do use up a lot of batteries…

It is awesome how fast technology goes, but as for everything, it takes time to be really be good at something and many hours of practise…