Half a year with DJI Ronin

Posted on January 12, 2015

And I must say I am really pleased! It has never failed me and have been using it on many different films so far. I started out as so many else with a China 3-axis gimbal, took some time to assemble all parts and get the Alexmos card to work. I also got the joystick and actually in the end I did use it on some different production with the GH4. But after the Ronin arrived I havent used it once.

So far I have mostly used the Ronin as a one man crew. Together with the Redrock follow focus with the tumbwheel control it is a real king in the field! One big downside is the wight and I have been talking to Easyrig about there new Gimbal carry support. So once I have the money, that will be the next thing!


Pros +
– The easy to use, all in one, gimbal.
– Everything is sturdy and strong, and after using it for half a year, nothing has broken.
– Easy to balance, no cables or anything change the balance to the camera.
– The app is great for quickly adjust.

Cons –
– The weight, A dream would have been to be able to fly with it. It is possible but the copter you have to build is just to big. And after filming a full day you kind of need to have strong arms and back… It is a lot of weight.
– Ordering spare parts is expensive compared to the price of the full unit. I had big time problem to get extra batteries to it and the first one I got was production error on.
– The set up time is fairly fast, but when you are using follow focus, P-tap for batterie source for the camera and so one it takes some space and it is hard to travel in the car with it rigged up. I ended up doing some welding work in the back of my van. So now I can transport it all rigged and ready to go!
– P-Tap is great but maybe there should have been at least one more for monitor.