Zeiss CP2

Posted on September 4, 2015

Had the chance to film with the zeiss CP2 kit during three days last week, must say I really liked them. I know some people arn’t that impressed with these Primes but from my point of view I liked them a lot! Here is some stills

SHOGUN_S011_S001_T006.MOV.06_56_19_00.Still001 SHOGUN_S011_S001_T007.MOV.07_03_59_08.Still001 SHOGUN_S011_S001_T012.MOV.07_14_27_08.Still001 SHOGUN_S011_S001_T020.MOV.07_33_37_11.Still001 SHOGUN_S011_S001_T022.MOV.07_39_43_21.Still001