Posted on September 18, 2015

These last couple of days have been really stressful. So I haven´t had the time to write about some news (it´s not news any more) from last week in IBC.

First of I been to IBC like five or six times know and I absolutely love it. So many nerds at one place at the same time (including me) is lovely! This year was a little bit less news, because there was a lot of news at NAB so it is hard for the companies to come up with more new stuff. But here are some of the things I really enjoyed!


URSA Mini 4.6
The day it was realised on NAB I ordered it but there is still no sign of it leaving Blackmagics factories. I talked with them but there was no clear message when the camera will be out for us to work with. But I did have a chance to have a look at it and one thing that has been bothering me from the start is the Screen that cant be flipped around. This is probably no biggy for most people but for me it was because I do a lot of Gimbal work and I would like to easy access all the menus. I do believe that the quick buttons will probably do enough for me, like ISO, White balance and so on. But as soon you would like to step over to high speed or anything else you are probably in trouble… But it really seems like an assume camera and im looking forward to have a look at it

Resolve 12
I been playing with the beta versions but on IBC they released the real deal. Got an nice new icon when you start it up so it really feels fresh 🙂 But for me Resolve 12 is the biggest step forward so far for Resolve. This past week I have been actually editing two projects straight in Resolve. And saving the time and effort to move from Avid, Premiere or any other program for grading is a bless. It is also up to speed now in the edit window. And most of the new key futures are in the editing window. New design, you can drop your material straight in to the media browser, nice new keyer function actually alot of things in there that I really like but I think I need a hole new post for just Resolve 12.

Fusion for Mac
Jupp im a mac user so using Fusion on a PC hasnt been a choice for me. I think this is really interesting and I think fusion in the future will work perfectly in my workflow. I will probably always comeback to After effects in many projects but when they get “Send to Fusion” button inside Resolve it will be a great step up for my workflow.

I got the Inspire 1 and was pleased to see the new cameras for the Inspire. I think the raw version was a little bit overpriced, 5000 us + Thats like the price of a URSA camera… I will let you know when I get the non Raw version and try it out. At least both got some VLog/Slog from what I understand and changeable micro 3/4 Lenses! Assumeness!

I had a look at the Alexa mini which is really nice. But Alexa need to step it up, heard they lost against Panasonic Varicam on a Netflix show just because it isn’t future proof (no 4K). As a friend always says, its really expensive HD camera. But never the less you get beautiful material from them!

Imagine Production
It is time for me to get a hold of all discs I got and “ride” the material to safety. So one of my objective was to check out some LTO-6 drives and software. And from my needs I think Imagine Production got the solution for me. When having a look at there booth I also found there really cool player that can play almost any format and add a Lut to it. Something I really have been looking for!

Chines things
I found some really nice ND glasses for a good price. I also had a look at one of these Chines HMIs for about 1500 dollars included Balast. And also some nice small handheld gimbals. The Chines manufactures are slowly making there way in as a player in the film industry and some of them are actually starting to look as we westernes would like a solid filmcompany to look like.

I did see a lot more and probably missing a lot of things but this was some of the higlights!