Östersjön – Hot & Hopp

Did the color grading on this documentary on Vetenskapens Värld. For over 10 years Folke Ryden has studied and followed different people around the Baltic sea to see how we humans effect life in and around the Baltic sea.

You tend to forget how fast camera technology has develop over the last couple off years, and when you get material that is 10 years old you really have to struggle in the grade to get it to work.

See the 1 hour documentary on SVTplay here:

Sommaren med Släkt & Fullt hus

We have been helping out with some VFX shoot and some VFX supervisor onset for Art & bob.

Production company: Art & Bob


Spent 5 days in Polan at a great event, Camerimage. Really needed a break and some inspiration and found loads of both inspiration and great people.

See you next year again Camerimage!

AIK Jonas

Helped out filming a small part and did the color grading on this captivating documentary.

Production company: Folke Rydén

See it on SVTplay:



Did the post on this little film

Production company: Lillaproduktionsbolaget

Grading Vikings

Got the chance to grade some good looking Vikings! Promo for a drama documentry

Production company: Moparstudios.com
DoP: Paul Evans

Uppsala University

DoP some short commercials for Uppsala University. Great fun 🙂

Production Company: Phosworks
Agency: Zellout

Just got back from Madison outside Chicago

Did a couple off days filming in US together with the man Ulf from Phosworks!

Agency: Phosworks
Client: Fuji

Disruptive Materials

Produced, filmed and did the post on this film this spring.

1971 – A Short film



Of course when Magnus Häll has been writing and has his debut as a Director we all love to help out! So i was doing some DoP work and Minica was pulling focus and much more! Think we got some great picture and did some miracles under a full weekend of filming 🙂


Did some filming for Systembolaget!


check out my hobby / part time work as a cloth guru 😉


This was a fun project I DoP a couple of weeks ago.
Agency: Phosworks
Directed by: Magnus Ewald

Filming a new film for ATG international

Not that often you get the chance to film around your home, but this time the “cirkus” came to Hälsingland 🙂


Agency: Phosworks

second season of Alex soon finished!

We are really proud of being a part of this season of the TV series Alex. I think it is a step up from last season and will be interesting to see what the audience think! Great work from the director Alain and the DoP Benjam!

We have been doing Grade / VFX / VFX on set / Opening credits / LOGO / Deliveries and probably something more 🙂

Produced by SF Studios and ViaPlay

Filming in Monaco, Paris and Stockholm

Just finished another trip with UP There everywhere with some work for Galderma. Great team and great fun! 

Pantresan – not that far away now

Another six episods, roughly 40 minutes of film is soon done 🙂

Musicvideo for “little liar” with Magnus Häll

Did a Sunday recording on a beautiful and cold location. The music video will be a mashup with Samaria, one of Daniel Alfredsons films in the Intrigo series, and the performance recording we did.

SoThisIsWhy donated a gift

A gift to Yemen and it’s suffering children and people. Over 85000 children under the age 5 have died from starvation in the war. 20 000 SEK will not change the war but will hopefully help some people.


A fantastic week were I filmed/blogged/live produced and took stills for Musikhjälpen together with the adventure Aron Anderson. We started from Umeå with no money and made it all the way down to Lund!

All films can be viewed on IGTV

New year with Pantresan

For the third year in a row we are producing a 6 episode of this drama/education series. And just finished off the first set of recording days. Our friend Paloma is in an other dimension… but something is wrong… really wrong…

See the last years production here:

DoP this commercial

with Phosworks. Agency Zellout

Nice work from everybody working in the project 🙂

Campus Gotland won Publishingprize

for best campaign site, helped out with some photos/filming


Agency: Zellout
Production company: Phosworks

Some Photoshoot

With my good Friends Björn Liljegräs and Kristofer (Totte) Olsson

ALEX season 2

We have started to work on season 2 off Alex, more blood, fire, and violence… Thinks we like to do in the VFX department 🙂 We do opening credits, VFX and Grade in these 6 episodes!


From A Haunting at Silver Falls