A long project has come to an end

I have been working with a project since the end of the summer 2016. We been filming a lot of people who gone through cosmetic treatments and now we can see the end result in short films.

Agency: Up There Every Where
Client: Galderma

Full post

Together with People in the Park we are doing full post on a Swedish TV series called Alex. Had the chance of being on set for some VFX shoot and have to show great respect to a great team.

Production company: SF Studios

Unionen films

Been working in post with 20 short films for the Unionen, Swedens biggest union. A lot of green 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 13.06.15

Film Agency: Lilla produktionsbolaget

Back to School

I have been 5 weeks in a short course in Visuell After Production on Uniart (Former DI) in Stockholm. It was sometime ago I spent time in lecture hall. I feel like I should try to have at least two courses per year to get some new input and learn some new things. You always need that!

Here is a school work, try to work with underexposed material from the URSA and trying some VFX stuff.

Now Pantresan.nu is up and running

And all the film we were tearing our hair off to finish. I think it was a great project and I learnt a lot!
Agency: Paper jam
Production company: So This Is Why

Busy Christmas times

Most of the days that weren’t off for Christmas and new years celebrations was spent posting s lot of filmes. It´s been all kinds of movies, lifestyle, fashion, tools and children program. Let you all now when they will be released!



Hectic 2017

It looks like it is going to be a hectic 2017, with a lot of post work. Daniel Alfredsson has anounced three new films and the plan is that post should end up here in Kilafors. Also have a couple of other bigger projects hopefully to work on!

CSN Online commercial

Filmed and graded this film together with Robert Agius and Tobias Höiem-Flyckt (and many more). Good fun filming here in Sweden and in US.
Film Agency: Phosworks



12 months later

Filmed, edit and partly directed a couple of films for Galderma in London and Monaco.
Agency: Up There Everywhere

First movie for Panthjältar

In this series of filmes to come (this is the first one) we are following people around Sweden who do something extra with the money you get for collecting cans. The story of Fredrik is a heart gripping destiny.

Se the full movie here

Agency: Paperjam
Client: Returpack (Pantamera)

Grading horses

Today has mostly been about cursing Sony material edit in Premiere and transfered to Resolve. Always big issue to get everything to link back in the conform. But once that was over its been nice material to work with in Resolve!

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 00.31.12

Grading a documentry

Had a full day grading together with some nice guys! It is hard to make one hour of film material from 5 or 6 different DSLR cameras match and blend together, but I think we nailed it pretty good in the end!

Some color grading

For FM Mattsson and the film agency Videa.

Nice material

Helped out and edit together some short films for BMW for the production company Alex och Martin. Beautiful material!

Life science animation

Did a quick animation for the a US based company

Edit together

a couple of short commercials for Pantamera and Paperjam. See more here

A series of filmes for Instagram

Made for Hello Pollo. Here is the first one!

Did this two videos

for about a year ago. But forgot to post them here!

SPEED DIAL FINAL VERSION from sixon on Vimeo.

5 days in post

It is not so often I get the chance to sit still and work for a full week on just post work. But last week I had a full week grading, editing, some simple motion design and working on a script. You get so much done just being on one place. Really nice 🙂

Testing out Resolve 12 with this awesome guy!

I must say Blackmagic has done some great work on the editing part of Resolve, now it actually feels like I could use it as an editing software and not just an conform/grading/DIT program. I will do some more tests and get back with a more detailed feedback on Resolve 12.

Venice Film Festival

The film I have been working on the last 6 month, Go With Me, will be showed on the film festival in Venice. It has been great working with such a great team and I have learned a lot in the process.

An arty dance and smoke project

Graded this project for Kristoffer Berglund. Filmed on RED.


Together with the Film Agency Populate I have been apart of projects that have been awarded in Telly Awards.

I directed this series of film for DeLaval

I filmed and directed this film, aslo for DeLaval

Graded this film