Traveling Sweden (and crossing the Finish boarder)

Filming for Systembolaget together with Populate AB and Christopher. Best way of filming, small crew and a lot of traveling time through Sweden ūüôā

After one year of waiting

I finally got my URSA 4.6K camera. Will get back with some review about the camera.

New gimbal support

I just pledge on the Jockey 4-axis gimbal. It is supposed to be shipped out in November, looking forward for that! The problem i been having with all gimbal system is that you do get the camera in your chest hight. What you can do is turn it around but that will really make your arms shake in a minute or two. So this will be the perfect solution for me when i do like to have the camera in line with the subjects head.
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These last couple of days have been really¬†stressful. So I haven¬īt had the time to write about some news (it¬īs not news any more) from last week in IBC.

First of I been to IBC like five or six times know and I absolutely love it. So many nerds at one place at the same time (including me) is lovely! This year was a little bit less news, because there was a lot of news at NAB so it is hard for the companies to come up with more new stuff. But here are some of the things I really enjoyed!


URSA Mini 4.6
The day it was realised on NAB I ordered it but there is still no sign of it leaving Blackmagics factories. I talked with them but there was no clear message when the camera will be out for us to work with. But I did have a chance to have a look at it and one thing that has been bothering me from the start is the Screen that cant be flipped around. This is probably no biggy for most people but for me it was because I do a lot of Gimbal work and I would like to easy access all the menus. I do believe that the quick buttons will probably do enough for me, like ISO, White balance and so on. But as soon you would like to step over to high speed or anything else you are probably in trouble… But it really seems like an assume camera and im looking forward to have a look at it

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Zeiss CP2

Had the chance to film with the zeiss CP2 kit during three days last week, must say I really liked them. I know some people arn’t that impressed with these Primes but from my point of view I liked them a lot! Here is some stills

SHOGUN_S011_S001_T006.MOV.06_56_19_00.Still001 SHOGUN_S011_S001_T007.MOV.07_03_59_08.Still001 SHOGUN_S011_S001_T012.MOV.07_14_27_08.Still001 SHOGUN_S011_S001_T020.MOV.07_33_37_11.Still001 SHOGUN_S011_S001_T022.MOV.07_39_43_21.Still001

Testing out Resolve 12 with this awesome guy!

I must say Blackmagic has done some great work on the editing part of Resolve, now it actually feels like I could use it as an editing software and not just an conform/grading/DIT program. I will do some more tests and get back with a more detailed feedback on Resolve 12.

Bought some new lenses

Did get a hold of the Rokinon series, will be good fun to give them a try on the next recording.

Half a year with DJI Ronin

And I must say I am really pleased! It has never failed me and have been using it on many different films so far. I started out as so many else with a China 3-axis gimbal, took some time to assemble all parts and get the Alexmos card to work. I also got the joystick and actually in the end I did use it on some different production with the GH4. But after the Ronin arrived I havent used it once.

So far I have mostly used the Ronin as a one man crew. Together with the Redrock follow focus with the tumbwheel control it is a real king in the field! One big downside is the wight and I have been talking to Easyrig about there new Gimbal carry support. So once I have the money, that will be the next thing!


Pros +
– The easy to use, all in one, gimbal.
– Everything is sturdy and strong, and after using it for half a year, nothing has broken.
– Easy to balance, no cables or anything change the balance to the camera.
– The app is great for quickly adjust.

Cons –
– The weight, A dream would have been to be able to fly with it. It is possible but the copter you have to build is just to big. And after filming a full day you kind of need to have strong arms and back… It is a lot of weight.
– Ordering spare parts is expensive compared to the price of the full unit. I had big time problem to get extra batteries to it and the first one I got was production error on.
– The set up time is fairly fast, but when you are using follow focus, P-tap for batterie source for the camera and so one it takes some space and it is hard to travel in the car with it rigged up. I ended up doing some welding work in the back of my van. So now I can transport it all rigged and ready to go!
– P-Tap is great but maybe there should have been at least one more for monitor.

Ledgo dual 600

Recently bought some new led lights. A kit with two led lights from Datavision with both warm and cold light. They have VLock mount on the back. The lights are a little bit plastic, but you get what you pay for. I used them earlier this week with VLock batteries on an interview and I must say I am fairly impressed with how well they performed.

Photo from today when we tested them on the ice. Retouched by my friend Björn.

UPSIDE with Ledgo 600

+ nice price

+ VLock plate on the back

+ cold and warm light

+ good lux, 4720 on 1 meter.

+ nice filter set and nice way to attach them

+ barn doors


– a little bit plastic

– the bag that you store the light in feels like it is going to break.

– there is one wheel for 3200 and one for 5600. Makes it hard to find a color in between.

– the hole bag packed is a little bit big and clumsy.



Drones, drones and drones

The way we make film change everyday and arial photos has done a fast leap since the drones and the gimbal hit the market.

I bought my first camera drone for about 1,5 year ago. A DJI F550 with a 2 axis gimbal, flying with a GoPro 3. But a lot¬†of the time was spent charging batteries, solder circuit boards and error searching. This was nice because you learned the basic of aerodynamics but my biggest interest was getting that shoot you couldn’t take just a couple of years ago. So I then bought the DJI Phantom 2 with the h3-d3 gimbal and together with the GoPro 4 you have a pretty cool setup that works on many occasions. I think I have done about 200-300 flights with it by know and it really is worth every penny.


When my smal equipment isn’t enough I work with Janne at Awesome¬†guy that builds and fly all kind of drones and cameras including the RED Epic Dragon. Then we have dubble command so I control the camera and he controls the drone. Jannes life is drones, his car is filled up with batteries that he charge all the time, and his bigger drones do use up a lot of batteries…

It is awesome¬†how fast technology goes, but as for everything, it takes time to be really be good at something and many hours of practise…

Angry music video production!

Did try out a pretty cool thing. Used the GH4 on 96fps and the Ronin Gimbal and the band freeze while we I did some cool movement with the Ronin, this created a really cool effect!

Redrock micro remote focus control

I received my remote focus before this weekend and had a chance to use it on my trip to Gotland. Must say I’m really pleased. I did get the thumb wheel as well and used that this weekend on my DJI Ronin. It took some time to place all the cables and get everything nice organist. After that it took some playing around before I felt calm to use it as a one man crew and it really makes magic to the film. It is assume that you can calibrate the lenses manually, so let’s say you will just shoot between 1-2meter you can set it up that way so you will have a bigger movement on the wheel to be more acurate. The only downside I see is the cables. It feels like they will break sooner or later and you can just buy the cables from redrock. And paying around 100 dollars for a cable is never fun….

Nytt rum

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Nya lampor

För ett par veckor sedan köpte jag några budget lampor och har nu testat runt dessa lampor från ganska hårt. Här är några exempel bilder.

Använde B-ljuset vid stillbildsfoto:

Vid intervju, objektet är ljussatt med Smick lamporna, bakgrunden med annat ljus:

Klippbild med jib, smick användes för att belysa handen och objektet, en varmlampa i bakgrunden:

Greenscreen, Smick lamporna användes som front och bakljus:


Tycker att de ger ett j√§tte fint ljus och sk√∂nt att de √§r dagsljus balanserade. De varnade lite p√• hemsidan att de kan sticka lite i f√§rgtemperaturen men jag tycker med mina √∂gon m√§tt att det ser mycket bra ut och de var l√§tt att kombinera med annat ljus. √Ąlskar boom stativet s√• man verkligen kan f√• in ett over head ljus p√• ett enkelt s√§tt p√• location inspelningar.

De √§r ju billiga och det k√§nns ju ocks√• i kvaliteten, lite plastiga helt enkelt och det √§r samma sak med stativen. De st√∂rsta problemet med denna typ av lampor √§r ju att sj√§lv gl√∂dlampan √§r v√§ldigt stor och otymplig och det finns inget l√§tt och bra s√§tt att f√∂rvara lamporna riggade. Detta inneb√§r att man m√•ste skruva ur alla lampor mellan anv√§ndning…