Full post

Together with People in the Park we are doing full post on a Swedish TV series called Alex. Had the chance of being on set for some VFX shoot and have to show great respect to a great team.

Production company: SF Studios

Unionen films

Been working in post with 20 short films for the Unionen, Swedens biggest union. A lot of green 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 13.06.15

Film Agency: Lilla produktionsbolaget

Some filming on the Baltic Sea :)

Film Agency: Phosworks
Client: EckerĂślinen

Photo: Tor Wirsen

Traveling Sweden (and crossing the Finish boarder)

Filming for Systembolaget together with Populate AB and Christopher. Best way of filming, small crew and a lot of traveling time through Sweden 🙂

Back to School

I have been 5 weeks in a short course in Visuell After Production on Uniart (Former DI) in Stockholm. It was sometime ago I spent time in lecture hall. I feel like I should try to have at least two courses per year to get some new input and learn some new things. You always need that!

Here is a school work, try to work with underexposed material from the URSA and trying some VFX stuff.

Now Pantresan.nu is up and running

And all the film we were tearing our hair off to finish. I think it was a great project and I learnt a lot!
Agency: Paper jam
Production company: So This Is Why

US, England and Madrid

Been traveling to help out Phosworks with a project filming in space suits…. Touch screens isn’t the best 😉

Film Agency: Phosworks

Busy Christmas times

Most of the days that weren’t off for Christmas and new years celebrations was spent posting s lot of filmes. It´s been all kinds of movies, lifestyle, fashion, tools and children program. Let you all now when they will be released!



Hectic 2017

It looks like it is going to be a hectic 2017, with a lot of post work. Daniel Alfredsson has anounced three new films and the plan is that post should end up here in Kilafors. Also have a couple of other bigger projects hopefully to work on!

CSN Online commercial

Filmed and graded this film together with Robert Agius and Tobias HĂśiem-Flyckt (and many more). Good fun filming here in Sweden and in US.
Film Agency: Phosworks




Filmed this a couple of weeks ago!
Film Agency: Populate

We made a character for Pantamera

and it aint me 😉 Pantamera has been active educating young children and youth about recycling and this is the first step doing so in film and with a “mad” profesor. A fun and stressful recording 🙂








Client: Pantamera
Agency: Paperjam
Studio: Alex & Martin

An other fun week

filming in Sunbeam studios in London! Even my dotter manage to get some makeup for the first time….






Thanks Up There Every Where, Chris Tribelhorn, Alex Giacomini, Lucie England and many more!

Just got back from Lesvos, Greece

And it is sad to see how hard it is for many refugees coming over the ocean, but also wonderful to met so many people giving there life to try to make life better.




12 months later

Filmed, edit and partly directed a couple of films for Galderma in London and Monaco.
Agency: Up There Everywhere

Im behind

with updates… and that usally happens if you do not have anything to write or you have to much to do. And this time it´s been the later. So will post a couple of post here from London. Just finished a commercial shoot together with a great agency and a great photographer, “Up There Every Where” and Chris Tribelhorn. Had some great days in the Rex studio here in London. It is now a break for about a month and then we continue to work on the same job!


Photos by Lucie England

The future farm

We created a cool looking farm for DeLaval. Fun work together with Populate!

One of the first real shoot with URSA mini 4.6K

This is one of the first shoot I did with the camera. Most is filmed with the Ronin Gimbal.
Film agency: Populate
Client: DeLaval

First movie for Panthjältar

In this series of filmes to come (this is the first one) we are following people around Sweden who do something extra with the money you get for collecting cans. The story of Fredrik is a heart gripping destiny.

Se the full movie here

Agency: Paperjam
Client: Returpack (Pantamera)

Been up and down on Kebnekaise

Helping Aron Anderson and four other youths who gone through cancer treatment. It was an fantastic team and a great teamwork and everybody made it to the top!

Read more about Aron and his projects here

IMG_4367 IMG_4710

One of the more important things I done this year

I just got back from a week in the north of Iraq, in Kurdistan. I was there together with freelance journalist Pelle Vamstad and Younes Mohammad a great fixer from Erbil https://www.facebook.com/younesagha?fref=ufi


We have been trying to document what is happening in this area now, at this present moment. It is not always easy for a westerner to understand the full history of this place, but one thing is for sure, people are having a hard time in many parts.



From a personal point of view it is interesting to see how your personal perspective change once you go to areas like this. You evaluate what is important and not. Sometimes you find your self stressed out because you are out of milk back home. Being here change that.


We been to two different parts of the extreme long front line that the peshmerga solider are guarding. On a place about 15 km from Mosul we arrived at some villages that just been retakend by the Peshmerga from IS or Dash, as they are called here. The ground was full of rubble and part of the dry landscape was still burning. It will be a long time before any people will be living here again. The roads are full of mines placed there by Dash and still the situation is uncertain.



The other frontline we visit had some but few volunteer fighters from Europe. There to fight Dash. When I ask them why do you go here. I got the answer “everybody can do something and giving a thumb up on Facebook isn’t enough to fight IS”. “If you can’t see what IS is doing and take action you are on the wrong side, few things are black and white in life, but this fight is”.

Better late than never

Did a filming on Kilimanjaro in January but got really sick on my way up. But here is some of the stills from the job together with Aron Anderson!

IMG_8536 IMG_8015 IMG_8978 IMG_7827 IMG_7726

A real hero

but he wouldn’t call him self a hero, but for me and many other people he did some great things! Here in Sweden you get payed to leave your cans and bottles, called “panta”, so they can be recycled. And Fredrik is using this to collect money to does who need it the most. The organisation and the agency behind the panta concept is Pantamera and they are celebrating “pant-heroes”_Y0A7303. So I got the chance to work on the film that will describes Fredriks great work.

Some pics from this weeks recording in England

Been filming now with Ursa mini 4.6 for the second shoot, and must say I’m so far pleased with the result. I got the extension arms from cinnemill for the Ronin so now I run the Ursa with Vlock and it works like a charm!

Here is some pics from the URSA


Some extra behind the scenes shoot

4 3

Did my first shoot with the URSA Mini 4.6

Did my first shoot with the URSA yesterday and most say i am really pleased with the result! Looks great and it worked pretty good on my Ronin with the jockey.



Weekend recording in Stockholm

Been filming two days in Stockholm for different assignments. Had the chance to try out the Ursa a little bit, but didnt use it as the main camera. Here is two stills from the URSA

grading (1 of 1)

Svalbard – a awesome place

Got home after a travel to Svalbard with Aron Anderson. One of the coolest places I been to so far. If you are not afraid of cold wether I really recommend this place!