Was cinematographer on this fun project

Agency: Phosworks
Director: Robert Agius

Opening Credits

Is probably one of the most fun thing you could do! And here is one we did that I feel extra proud of!

We are doing VFX for this upcoming ViaPlay film



Awards for best Cinematographer – 1971

Always great to get some appreciation for all the hard work on these short films you work on! This was a super fun project

Director: Magnus Häll

Blackout – and here is the short movie

The rolls was that you should not speak, a certain set off symbols should be included and max 5 minutes long. And we won Arri Unspoken challenge 2020

Filmed it together with Michael Tebinka, director Kristoffer Berglund! Enjoy


Was cinematographer on this project with Phosworks and Robert Agius, feels like an really important mission Kvinnobyrån is doing, especially in the Pandemic times when domestic violence is sadly increasing.

Alf Robertsson – Documentary for SVT

Have helped out to grade a SVT documentary for Alf Robertsson

Trailer for Red Dot

We have done VFX / GRADE / Deliverys to Netflix / VFX on set / Arial DoP and some Second unite! jupp jupp have been a great work to do 🙂

Teknik 8an

Filmed this little online commercial!

Agency: Phosworks

Flaggan – Short film

Did the grade and full post together with People in the Park.

Production company: Makeriet

A letter from Uppsala

Had the chance to film this great project with Magnus Ewald and Phosworks

Galderma Deeper

Filmed and did the post on this project for Galderma, always nice to be in the pool with the camera 🙂

Agency: UpThereEveryWhere

Red Dot Grade

10 days in total lockdown…. due to the Pandemic me and DoP Benjam Orre have more or less been locked up in a room to do the grade on this great film. But at least I think the film looked nice, maybe affected off the current Corona feeling in Stockholm…

Svenska kyrkan

We helped out doing post/edit work on 5 filmes for Svenska Kyrkan. Here is one!

Agency: Lillaproduktionsbolaget

Unionen some more Greenscreen

Filmed a weekend and did some greenscreen work for Unionen.

Agency: Lillaproduktionsbolaget

Things falling in slowmotion

Is always interesting, filmed and did post on this project!

Agency: UpThereEveryWhere

Major Race 2020

Even if the Pandemic is over us horse racing is still game! DoP on this project

Agency: Phosworks
Director: Magnus Ewald


Had some fun days on Gotland together with Robert Agius shooting a film for the University.

Disruptive materials – The Dance

Produced, filmed and did the post-production on this project!

Studio filmning – Phadia

Not every day you bring a horse in the studio and film it with a Phantom camera! But had the chance to do that with UpThereEveryWhere

Bulding a puzzle world in 3D and a chip that knows if you are allergic

Been working with some puzzle analogue and playing around with some 3D

Agency: UpThereEveryWhere

Östersjön – Hot & Hopp

Did the color grading on this documentary on Vetenskapens Värld. For over 10 years Folke Ryden has studied and followed different people around the Baltic sea to see how we humans effect life in and around the Baltic sea.

You tend to forget how fast camera technology has develop over the last couple off years, and when you get material that is 10 years old you really have to struggle in the grade to get it to work.

See the 1 hour documentary on SVTplay here:

Sommaren med Släkt & Fullt hus

We have been helping out with some VFX shoot and some VFX supervisor onset for Art & bob.

Production company: Art & Bob


Spent 5 days in Polan at a great event, Camerimage. Really needed a break and some inspiration and found loads of both inspiration and great people.

See you next year again Camerimage!

AIK Jonas – Color graded

Prouction company: Folke Ryden / SVT

AIK Jonas

Helped out filming a small part and did the color grading on this captivating documentary.

Production company: Folke Rydén

See it on SVTplay:



Did the post on this little film

Production company: Lillaproduktionsbolaget

Grading Vikings

Got the chance to grade some good looking Vikings! Promo for a drama documentry

Production company: Moparstudios.com
DoP: Paul Evans