Opening Credits

Is probably one of the most fun thing you could do! And here is one we did that I feel extra proud of!

Things falling in slowmotion

Is always interesting, filmed and did post on this project!

Agency: UpThereEveryWhere

Disruptive materials – The Dance

Produced, filmed and did the post-production on this project!

Studio filmning – Phadia

Not every day you bring a horse in the studio and film it with a Phantom camera! But had the chance to do that with UpThereEveryWhere

Disruptive Materials

Produced, filmed and did the post on this film this spring.


check out my hobby / part time work as a cloth guru 😉

Pantresan – not that far away now

Another six episods, roughly 40 minutes of film is soon done 🙂

New year with Pantresan

For the third year in a row we are producing a 6 episode of this drama/education series. And just finished off the first set of recording days. Our friend Paloma is in an other dimension… but something is wrong… really wrong…

See the last years production here:


Pantprofessorn 2018 – Panta Mera – Client: Paperjam

A new year for Pantprofessorn :)

I filmed and directed 6 new episodes with Pant Professorn, for Pantamera this autumn and all post was done up in Kilafors by our great team. Today it is released to all schools over Sweden

Here is the trailer!

PANT PROFESSORN TRAILER 180128 from sixon on Vimeo.

Agency: Paperjam
Production company: Lillaproduktionsbolaget

A couple of days in Zurich

Been over filming in Zurich for Tecan a couple of days. Tecan is a life Science company that both manufacture instrument and do research. Great fun and the first time I had the chance to use my brand new Movi Pro. It worked like a charm 🙂

IMG_1167 IMG_1177 IMG_1161

Agency: Up There Every Where

Unite for Parkinson’s

Been working on a couple of short stories about different people with Parkinson. Im impressed by the people I meet that are living with such a hard diseases but still got so much life energy.

Agency: Up There Every Where

Back to School

I have been 5 weeks in a short course in Visuell After Production on Uniart (Former DI) in Stockholm. It was sometime ago I spent time in lecture hall. I feel like I should try to have at least two courses per year to get some new input and learn some new things. You always need that!

Here is a school work, try to work with underexposed material from the URSA and trying some VFX stuff.

Now is up and running

And all the film we were tearing our hair off to finish. I think it was a great project and I learnt a lot!
Agency: Paper jam
Production company: So This Is Why

We made a character for Pantamera

and it aint me 😉 Pantamera has been active educating young children and youth about recycling and this is the first step doing so in film and with a “mad” profesor. A fun and stressful recording 🙂








Client: Pantamera
Agency: Paperjam
Studio: Alex & Martin

Just got back from Lesvos, Greece

And it is sad to see how hard it is for many refugees coming over the ocean, but also wonderful to met so many people giving there life to try to make life better.




12 months later

Filmed, edit and partly directed a couple of films for Galderma in London and Monaco.
Agency: Up There Everywhere

One of the first real shoot with URSA mini 4.6K

This is one of the first shoot I did with the camera. Most is filmed with the Ronin Gimbal.
Film agency: Populate
Client: DeLaval

First movie for Panthjältar

In this series of filmes to come (this is the first one) we are following people around Sweden who do something extra with the money you get for collecting cans. The story of Fredrik is a heart gripping destiny.

Se the full movie here

Agency: Paperjam
Client: Returpack (Pantamera)

A real hero

but he wouldn’t call him self a hero, but for me and many other people he did some great things! Here in Sweden you get payed to leave your cans and bottles, called “panta”, so they can be recycled. And Fredrik is using this to collect money to does who need it the most. The organisation and the agency behind the panta concept is Pantamera and they are celebrating “pant-heroes”_Y0A7303. So I got the chance to work on the film that will describes Fredriks great work.

Some pics from this weeks recording in England

Been filming now with Ursa mini 4.6 for the second shoot, and must say I’m so far pleased with the result. I got the extension arms from cinnemill for the Ronin so now I run the Ursa with Vlock and it works like a charm!

Here is some pics from the URSA


Some extra behind the scenes shoot

4 3

Meeting people

Is one of the best things with my work. Been working with Ahlsell for some time know and been traveling Scandinavia and filming different parts of there company.

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Doritos Crash the Superbowl

Me and Björn Liljegrääs thought we need an other miljon dollars so we created this fabulous commercial to win the Doritos crash the superbowl challenge 🙂

A series of filmes for Instagram

Made for Hello Pollo. Here is the first one!

Did this two videos

for about a year ago. But forgot to post them here!

SPEED DIAL FINAL VERSION from sixon on Vimeo.

Finished this short documentary

about kids living with Diabetes and a new app design to make life easier.

Some pics from todays recording

Been working on the next fas of the documentary about kids with Diabetes. IMG_4398