Was cinematographer on this project with Phosworks and Robert Agius, feels like an really important mission Kvinnobyrån is doing, especially in the Pandemic times when domestic violence is sadly increasing.

Galderma Deeper

Filmed and did the post on this project for Galderma, always nice to be in the pool with the camera 🙂

Agency: UpThereEveryWhere

Things falling in slowmotion

Is always interesting, filmed and did post on this project!

Agency: UpThereEveryWhere

Major Race 2020

Even if the Pandemic is over us horse racing is still game! DoP on this project

Agency: Phosworks
Director: Magnus Ewald

Disruptive materials – The Dance

Produced, filmed and did the post-production on this project!

Studio filmning – Phadia

Not every day you bring a horse in the studio and film it with a Phantom camera! But had the chance to do that with UpThereEveryWhere

Uppsala University

DoP some short commercials for Uppsala University. Great fun 🙂

Production Company: Phosworks
Agency: Zellout

Disruptive Materials

Produced, filmed and did the post on this film this spring.

Won Gold in Telly Award

The ATG film I DoP won Gold in Telly Award in Craft-Videography / Cinematography.
Agency: Phosworks


Unionen films

Been working in post with 20 short films for the Unionen, Swedens biggest union. A lot of green 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 13.06.15

Film Agency: Lilla produktionsbolaget

Now Pantresan.nu is up and running

And all the film we were tearing our hair off to finish. I think it was a great project and I learnt a lot!
Agency: Paper jam
Production company: So This Is Why

Im behind

with updates… and that usally happens if you do not have anything to write or you have to much to do. And this time it´s been the later. So will post a couple of post here from London. Just finished a commercial shoot together with a great agency and a great photographer, “Up There Every Where” and Chris Tribelhorn. Had some great days in the Rex studio here in London. It is now a break for about a month and then we continue to work on the same job!


Photos by Lucie England

First movie for Panthjältar

In this series of filmes to come (this is the first one) we are following people around Sweden who do something extra with the money you get for collecting cans. The story of Fredrik is a heart gripping destiny.

Se the full movie here

Agency: Paperjam
Client: Returpack (Pantamera)

Doritos Crash the Superbowl

Me and Björn Liljegrääs thought we need an other miljon dollars so we created this fabulous commercial to win the Doritos crash the superbowl challenge 🙂

Edit together

a couple of short commercials for Pantamera and Paperjam. See more here


Together with the Film Agency Populate I have been apart of projects that have been awarded in Telly Awards.

I directed this series of film for DeLaval

I filmed and directed this film, aslo for DeLaval

Graded this film


Helped Paperjam produce this animation.

Commercials for Hello Pollo

Been doing these smal commercials for then cloth brand Hello Pollo. Here is one example, enjoy!

Local store commercial

Helped out to make three local commercial for Coop in Söderhamn!

Hello Pollo

Commercial were the sky is the limit is a lovely thing to create!  Yesterday was a full days shooting in great sunshine. This summer a new clothes brand “Hello Pollo” is kicking of and yesterday I created some of the first material for them! Check back in a week or so to see the outcome of the commercial!







Some old stuff

Found this video when I surfed the web. Directed this together with Populate a couple of years ago.

A late behind the scenes

For about a year ago we recorded this movie for Sandvik coromant. We filmed it up in Kilafors during some long days. Great fun with great guys!


Taxi commercial

I filmed about a week ago. Filmed with the GH4 and the last shoot with the DJI Ronin

Today’s taxi commercial shoot

Partycar for you with the age above 65!

Advanced car rig with a pillow on the car 😉


A film from Holland

I filmed and directed this film for DeLaval and Populate this summer. First time I filmed goats, great animal I would love to have one 😉

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Nominated to Swedish design prize

I have been nominated to the Swedish design prize for the DeLaval Plus movie I directed and graded. Continue Reading →

The world of 3D printing

This was a fun project I did for Sandvik Coromant. Continue Reading →

Annual report in filmformat

I directed this film for Diligentia which is a affiliate company to Skandia. Continue Reading →