Opening Credits

Is probably one of the most fun thing you could do! And here is one we did that I feel extra proud of!

Awards for best Cinematographer – 1971

Always great to get some appreciation for all the hard work on these short films you work on! This was a super fun project

Director: Magnus Häll

Blackout – and here is the short movie

The rolls was that you should not speak, a certain set off symbols should be included and max 5 minutes long. And we won Arri Unspoken challenge 2020

Filmed it together with Michael Tebinka, director Kristoffer Berglund! Enjoy

Trailer for Red Dot

We have done VFX / GRADE / Deliverys to Netflix / VFX on set / Arial DoP and some Second unite! jupp jupp have been a great work to do 🙂

A letter from Uppsala

Had the chance to film this great project with Magnus Ewald and Phosworks

Major Race 2020

Even if the Pandemic is over us horse racing is still game! DoP on this project

Agency: Phosworks
Director: Magnus Ewald

Disruptive materials – The Dance

Produced, filmed and did the post-production on this project!


This was a fun project I DoP a couple of weeks ago.
Agency: Phosworks
Directed by: Magnus Ewald

second season of Alex soon finished!

We are really proud of being a part of this season of the TV series Alex. I think it is a step up from last season and will be interesting to see what the audience think! Great work from the director Alain and the DoP Benjam!

We have been doing Grade / VFX / VFX on set / Opening credits / LOGO / Deliveries and probably something more 🙂

Produced by SF Studios and ViaPlay

Feel the beat – now up on cinemas in Sweden

We did full post on this film up in Kilafors! Trailer edit by Magnus Häll!

VFX Reel

Some projects we in the team have been working on

Some great review for Lasse Maja

In Swedish press Lasse Maja have been getting some relly great press. So happy for the great team and all the effort we put in doing this movie… And the hard work we did in Postproduction 🙂

ATG Major Race

Here is the little horse commercial I filmed

First movie for Panthjältar

In this series of filmes to come (this is the first one) we are following people around Sweden who do something extra with the money you get for collecting cans. The story of Fredrik is a heart gripping destiny.

Se the full movie here

Agency: Paperjam
Client: Returpack (Pantamera)

Finished this short documentary

about kids living with Diabetes and a new app design to make life easier.


Helped Paperjam produce this animation.

Commercials for Hello Pollo

Been doing these smal commercials for then cloth brand Hello Pollo. Here is one example, enjoy!

Been creating VFX and opening / closing credits

for this Swedish movie. All post has been made by People in the Park!

7NA fresh trailer

I helped out directing this TV pilot in Spain. If you have more interest in the serie please let me know and I put you in contact with the creators/master minds behind 7NA.

VFX for Go With Me

I haven’t thought so much about it, it started with some cars that should be removed, some mussel flares and some snow removal. But it’s getting more and more every day, it is about 50 different shoots at this stage that need some fixing. An old car added, a stabilization, opening credits and so on. But I have to say, it is great fun and I learn a lot every day!

Check out some facts about the films here. It is going to be a great movie!


First preview of Julkalendern that me and Björn have been tearing our beards of to get a nice color grade and helping out with some VFX


Nominated to Swedish design prize

I have been nominated to the Swedish design prize for the DeLaval Plus movie I directed and graded. Continue Reading →

Thank god it’s DJI

Had a chance to play around little with my new Ronin and my older Phantom 2 when my neighbours played around on the field… Stubbrace

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The world of 3D printing

This was a fun project I did for Sandvik Coromant. Continue Reading →

Time to swap language

Never been a great language guy but I will do my best and start writing in English… Continue Reading →

Ett minne från resan

Fick en idé när jag reste runt i världen att man skulle göra lite korta filmer med payoffen “To Put Things In Perspective” Continue Reading →

Internationella priser

Kändes som en varm klapp på axeln då en av filmerna jag regisserade åt film byrån Populate har vunnit priser i både Telly awards och Worldmedia festival.

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En liten bakomfilm

Till isfilmen jag hjälpte till och regisserade för ett gäng veckor sedan, är mycket nöjd med mitt möss val! Continue Reading →

MINI Stop and Shop

Var med och regisserade/producerade detta lilla “prank”. Continue Reading →


Kärnvärden är för mig ganska abstrakt, i vissa företag jag stött på är det mer eller mindre bara en hygienfaktor att ha dem. Därför var det…

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Halloween musik! Ja tack!?

De bästa projekten jag vet innehåller ett par parametrar… Continue Reading →